Aberystwyth Bangor Strategic Alliance

Future Collaborations

To develop further areas of collaboration, building on the initial centres, leading to a far-reaching alignment of the institutions' research strategies.

Our initial focus has been to ensure that the four collaborations already created move rapidly from establishment to maturity and sustainability. This has meant the putting in place robust management, and the development of business plans. However, we have not neglected opportunities for collaboration in other areas and have brought together academic teams to consider how the Partnership might contribute to addressing other major issues facing Wales, the UK and the world.

We are implementing an innovative approach that will enable us to stimulate serious and focused academic debate leading to the formulation of strategic and compelling themes. These themes will enable the creation of coordinated research efforts focused on addressing issues of considerable interest and importance (for example: energy security in a carbon-constrained world, environmental sustainability in Wales and elsewhere, threats to human health and wellness, threats to the stability of human societies and others not yet formulated), which are typically broader than the compass of either institution. Engagement with external stakeholders will be at the heart of these dialogues, leading, we hope to multidisciplinary teams of researchers, policy-makers and industrialists working together towards shared goals.

Future Opportunities

As well as sustaining current activity, the Partnership is exploring other initiatives.

Central Services opportunities are being examined by a newly formed group with managers from both institutions exploring ways of joint working and integration of some services. The group is engaging with the South West Wales Higher Education Partnership to learn from their range of Central Services Projects.

Welsh-Medium opportunities continue to be explored in the context of the emerging Welsh Federal College, for closer collaboration in the promotion and delivery of Welsh medium provision.

One group recently set up incorporates representatives from Staff Development, Alumni and Careers at both institutions, and is working with the Aber-Bangor Skills Centre team to help ensure good communications on the variety of skills-related activities going on at both institutions to ensure integration, and provide access to businesses with an allegiance to one or both of the institutions through the Alumni offices.


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